Cekkebration of Local Authors

Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T.

Lucia Capacchione Registered Art Therapist, Expressive Arts Therapist, workshop leader, and trainer. She is the best-selling author of eighteen self-help books, including educational work books for schools. Her publications include
The Creative Journal, The Power of Your Other Hand, Recovery of Your Inner Child, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams and The Art of Emotional Healing. She lectures internationally and has been featured in numerous radio, television and newspaper interviews, Her books have been translated into twenty languages.

Internationally acclaimed for her groundbreaking work in accessing the brain's right hemisphere through writing and drawing with the nondominant hand, Dr. Capacchione is a pioneer in healing and recovery through creative expression. She originated the Creative Journal Method, Inner Family Re-parenting work and the Visioning® process of collage and writing. Her innovative techniques are being used in mental health facilities, addiction recovery programs, and public schools at all levels of education.

Dr. Capachione certifies professionals through a year long training program, Creative Journal Expressive Arts in Templeton, CA. Graduates include public school superintendents, curriculum coordinators, nurses, therapists, career and life coaches, addictions counselors and ministers. Dr. Capacchione’s Creative Journal Method was researched by the Universiy if Texas in conjunction with Edinburg Public Schools in south Texas (2014; K-6). Pilot school results included: 6 academic distinctions for the school, fewer behavioral referrals to the principal’s office, no children in the nurse’s office with physical symptoms of stress on standardized testing day.