Cekkebration of Local Authors

Bill Seavy

William L. Seavey, a resident of Cambria since 2005, is a prolific author of inspirational self-help/DIY books which  include
Moving to Small Town America, featured in a TIME Magazine cover story on the same subject.  (For many years he ran the Greener Pastures Institute.)  Seavey has written tomes on DIY solar power, avoiding homelessness, collecting roof rainwater (he was featured on the front page of the Tribune last year), investing during a downturn, attending the famous Woodstock Music Festival, and living simpler in general.  (An interview with him on the Gary Collins Home Show is at williamseavey.com).  Seavey has worked for magazines in New York City and published recreation tabloids in Eugene, Oregon, among many other media-related endeavors.  With his wife Eleanor he runs Her Castle, a "homestay" bed and breakfast, which has seen thousands of visitors since its founding in 2006. He has two sons (one near Portland, Oregon and the other in Santa Maria) and between his wife and him 11 grandchildren..