Cekkebration of Local Authors

Sherry Eiselen

California native, Sherry Eiselen, uses northern California settings in her fiction. As a member of Rough Writers of Cambria she has created a series known as the Fulton House Detective Agency mysteries as well as two stand-alone novels. Her nonfiction essays have been published by Tolosa Press and included in The Best of SLO NightWriters in Tolosa Press 2009-2013 anthology. Her poems have been chosen for publication in the Tribune’s annual Soul to Paper celebration of poetry for each of the past four years. Her website is
www.sherryeiselen.com .
Prior to moving to the central Coast, Sherry had careers in both child development and human resources. She owned and operated a private preschool and kindergarten, taught community college, and served as a corporate trainer for a nonprofit corporation in retirement communities throughout the western states. Sherry and her husband came to Cambria from Los Gatos in 1997. They have five children and six grandchildren scattered throughout the state.