Cekkebration of Local Authors

Ken Renshaw

Ken Renshaw made a lifelong study of recognizing the beliefs and patterns in peoples’ lives. This led him to write a book, “The Secret of Your Life Script” about how beliefs and life scripts make the same things happen to us over and over.
Then, Ken tackled a big belief. He created a scientific explanation of ESP phenomena. The product of all this thinking is his book, “Science, Remote Viewing and ESP: Beyond Einstein's Horizon.”
Ken and his wife Joyce are active in the Cambria Historical Society. At the museum. many of the docents had different beliefs about the history of the Museum. Ken wrote “The Autobiography of a Cambria House,” in which the house tells it’s history from its point of view, to give the docents a consistent history
When Ken visited England’s crop circle country, he talked to many people who had beliefs about the makers and meanings of c the crop circles that appear overnight in the wheat fields. Ken wrote the novel “? Crop Circles ?” to solve the mystery. (The crop circles are made by an alien as a middle school science project.)
Ken graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford in 1960. He made a career selling communication satellites and rockets to telephone companies such as AT&T.
Ken lives with the love of his life, Joyce, at the edge of a pine forest, overlooking the ocean, listening to the sound of the surf, in Cambria, California.