Cekkebration of Local Authors

men of cambria cook
victoria krassensky
with craig loud

This cookbook, the unique idea of Victoria Krassensky, in collaboration with Craig Loud, showcases the multi-talented diversity of the men of Cambria. All are non-professional cooks who share a binding passion for culinary creation. You will meet 27 men of all ages (12 to 86) and walks of life. It includes 51 recipes and 164 pages of more than 400 beautiful color photos of food, nature and the enigmatic cooks of Cambria, who share their favorite recipes and life stories. Despite their different backgrounds, there is a common thread that drew them to Cambria, and embraced their love of cooking.

Men of Cambria Cook was created to support GREENSPACE-The Cambria Land Trust.

victoria krassensky
Victoria Krassensky lives in Cambria with her husband Serge.
She is co-owner of Raw Curry Yoga and a long time member
and former board member of Greenspace - The Cambria Land Trust.

craig loud
Craig Loud has been a graphic designer and creative director
for 35+ years, and also principal of LOUDesign. He has lived
in Cambria since 1999 with his wife Dorothy.